I want us to be together. From now on, living with you, together. I hate not being with you… Because I love you.”


Hatori from Fruits Basket[bangs head repeatedly on tablet]


Hatori from Fruits Basket
[bangs head repeatedly on tablet]

Fruits Basket

THE OTP:  KYOU/TOHRU, OTP FOR LIFE.  I loved both characters individually, but together they were such awkward little ducks who liked each other that I was over the moon for them.  Even with the anime upping the Tohru/other ships, I still was onboard with this one (and the manga makes it much clearer, I think, right from the beginning) because they were so good for each other and both really excited each other and Kyou learned to be softer and gentler with her, when he’d never really had a lot of reasons to do so before, and she learned to be a little bit bolder in the ways she reacted to him and reached out to him and they both had so much hurt in their lives and Tohru helped ease that for so many people and all of those were wonderful, but the way she looked at Kyou and her heart turned over was just.  ALL I DID WAS DREAMY SIGH ABOUT THEM.

M/F OTP:  Aside from Kyou/Tohru, I really came to be super fond of Hatori/Mayuko.  GROWN UP NERDS, my weakness.  I also really got into Kureno/Uo, they were so goddamned cute and heartwrenching while they were happening!  I also liked Shigure/Akito on a theoretical level, even if I can’t say I shipped it.  OH NO WAIT.  YUKI/MACHI.  I kind of forgot about them because they were fairly late in the game, but I LOVED THOSE TWO, they were such adorable nerds together.

M/M OTP:  Oh, man, so many m/m ships in this series!  Hatori/Ayame is probably my favorite, because I call absolute and utter bullshit on that Ayame was straight, that the way he acted around Hatori wasn’t absolutely about romantic/sexual interest.  I lived for Hatori being long suffering, so this ship was like catnip to me!  SO HILARIOUS.  But I loved the trio of Hatori/Shigure/Ayame, because TWICE AS MANY HEADACHES FOR HATORI, A+++, THANK YOU.  And, later in the manga, Kakeru/Yuki definitely took hold of me, I SHIPPED THAT SO HARD, I wanted them to be friends forever, because Kakeru getting under Yuki’s skin was amazing.

F/F OTP:  I would not have objected to some Rin/Tohru smooching, I’m just saying.

Fav Female:  TOHRU TOHRU TOHRU.  Her endless affection and love and open heart for people endeared her to me forever.  She was so sweet and she was the perfect sort of person to open up the hearts of these abused people, that she was tenacious about her affection and kindness, that she just loved so completely and wholly, that she may have been terrified of all these scary people, but she kept trying with them anyway, she kept trying to melt their hearts, and THAT IS WHY TOHRU IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.
Fav Male:  
Kyou!  Oh, that cranky baby had me from Seki Tomokazu voicing him in the anime, but also I’m weak to hotheads who like sweet, gentle idiots that they are puddles of goo for, which Kyou 100% wassssss.  Also, every time we saw him as a little kid, my heart just ached for him and I wanted him to be happy so bad omg.

Why I joined the fandom:  NOT ENOUGH RESOLUTION SOON ENOUGH, I NEEDED KYOU/TOHRU FIC RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!, but most of the fandom was Yuki/Tohru back in the early days of it, there was so much insistence that it would be canon and that it was the better ship that I kind of drifted away for a long while.  Now I just sort of pop back in once in awhile, when lovely stuff comes across my dash or when I get in the mood to reread the manga.  ♥


"What should I call... this feeling?
Still sleeping in my undeveloped heart...
The flower in my heart."

From now on…I want to understand everything. From now on…just like you listened to my complaints, Kyo-kun…I want you to let me listen to yours. When things get tough…when you’re scared, when you’re weak…I want you to tell me. I want you to let me care about you. I want to be together. I want us to live…eat meals, study…share our troubles…like we did before…together. I want us to stay together!


きょんる by 臼井ころも

"Even so, let’s live together…I’ve been a fool. I didn’t think that anyone would ever say that to me. Tohru…Tohru. How is that you could give it to me…the words that I most wanted to hear right now? How is it that somebody like you could be at my side, crying for me?"


Favorite Anime Characters: 
    ╚ Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)


Laughing with daisies by ~heapofroses


Laughing with daisies by ~heapofroses